offroad suspension by fox on jeep

How do bump stops work? Find out what their role is in an off-road suspension

What is it FOX bump stops

Bump stops increase damping performance and bottom out control in the last few inches of suspension travel. The threaded body allows you to adjust the mounting height to fine-tune when the bump stop engages during up travel, preventing harsh bottom outs.

bump stop how it works? fox suspension to offroad

Best features

fox bump stop ifp avaiable in offroad express

  • Internal Floating Piston (IFP) – separates the oil and nitrogen to prevent cavitation and bucking 

  • Fox Air Valve (FAV)  – located at the bottom of the shaft for easy access to change the pressure and thanks to that change the bottom-out resistance. Protected by the replaceable strike pad 

  • Redundant sealing pack system – contains main seal, wiper seal, scraper seal. Better protection from debris or dust 

  • Aluminium anodized body –surface is three times harder than standard aluminum and increases durability
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