fox internal bypass shocks for extreme offroad jeep

What are FOX Internal Bypass Shocks? Besides being off-road monsters

How FOX Internal Bypass Shocks Work

A FOX shock with an internal bypass system is an example of a dual-tube shock. In practice, it means there’s an additional cylinder inside it. On the surface of this cylinder, you’ll find special ports, which are the bypasses. During compression of the shock, oil flows through these bypasses into the main external chamber.

As a result, it increases the resistance the piston works against, resulting in softer compression in the final phase and no harsh bottoming out of the shock. Adjustable bypass valves allow for controlling the oil flow and adapting the shock’s performance to ever-changing terrain.

What Are They Used For

These shocks are designed for extreme conditions. They excel during off-road adventures where speed comes with constant suspension jumps. They make the ride much more comfortable and smoother. The internal bypass system responds quickly to large wheel impacts and can even handle minor bumps.

Key Benefits:

  • Precise damping
  • Tailored to your driving style
  • High performance in tough conditions
  • Extended lifespan of other suspension components.
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